Episode 69

Sheriff and Prosecutor Lie in Case of Black Pastor Who Was Arrested After Being Attacked By Mob Hurling Racial Slurs


June 19th, 2020

19 mins 33 secs

Season 1

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Join Mike as he discusses new developments in the case of Leon Mcray, the African American pastor in Woodstock, VA who was attacked by a mob who called him the "n word" and told him his "n word" life didnt matter in their county. Turns out initially they were right, as it was the pastor who was hauled off to jail. The Sheriff decided to "fix" the issue by announciung the case had been dismissed on June 12. That was a lie. The case was dismissed finally on June 19, and the state refused to dismiss the case with prejudice. Could it be local law enforcement and prosecutors are using this baseless and racist charge to justify controlling him from making sure they are held accountable? Call 855-925-2833 to report a civil rights violation, or visit notfreeamerica.com.